Detailed Calendar information for the 2008 Kiva Calendar, produced by the Kiva Friends community. Get one at Sold Out! Free computer wallpaper images are available.

Alexandra Castro from Ecuador, $925 for her fruit stand. Kiva business #2048

January 2008
Ana Tusitala from Samoa, $500 for her Taro Plantation. Kiva business #17692

February 2008
Fatima Syed Shah Esmil from Afghanistan, $175 for carpet weaving. Kiva business #5467

March 2008
Elizabeth Asemtoa from Nigeria, $800 for the production of Agidi. Kiva business #6684

April 2008
Kem Pharin from Cambodia, $625 to farm water spinach. Kiva business #309

May 2008
Komlan Semenou from Togo, $1200 for his carpentry business. Kiva business #3687

June 2008
Valentina Calle from Bolivia, $400 for grain to mill. Kiva business #14091

July 2008
Paulina Cersar Sirena from the Dominican Republic, $825 for her store. Kiva business #14028

August 2008
Mohamed Nyongesa Masinde from Kenya, $100 for his bicycle business. Kiva business #10333

September 2008
Ruksana Kausar from Pakistan, $250 for her dairy farm. Kiva business #14450

October 2008
Ramón Zamora García from Nicaragua, $750 for his metal shop business. Kiva business #8085

November 2008
Salimata Ouattara from Cote D'Ivoire, $750 for her stew pan business. Kiva business #9867

December 2008
Thuan Nguyen Thi from Viet Nam, $75 to produce food to sell. Kiva business #7922

January 2009
Margaret Nalunga from Uganda, $600 for her manufacturing business. Kiva business #16806