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Welcome to Kiva Friends, an active community for Kiva users, staff and supporters. Don't know what Kiva is? Read this!
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Kiva Friends supports Kiva's mission of "connecting people, through lending, for the sake of alleviating poverty," by creating a place where Kiva community members can connect with one another.

The Kiva Friends website is operated and monitored by Kiva Friends' volunteers.

Kiva (Kiva Microfunds, LLC) and Kiva Friends are two separate entities, and any transactions made through Kiva Friends--financial and non-financial--are not affiliated with Kiva (Kiva Microfunds, LLC).

Account and login information is not shared between Kiva Friends and Kiva. Your Kiva Friends login will not work at - Your login will not work at Separate accounts are needed to use both of these services which are independent of each other.

Kiva Friends takes no responsibility for donation solicitations or financial or non-financial transactions facilitated through the Kiva Friends website.

The Kiva Friends forum does not allow requests for personal and business loans. Posting or sending private messages to members asking for money is not allowed and usually results in instant termination. If you have a business in a country that Kiva services which you'd like Kiva Lenders to help fund, you must go through a local Microfinance Institution that Kiva partners with to get a listing on the Kiva web site. The Kiva lending community will never loan money to anyone unless they have been approved by and are posted on the web site. No exceptions.

If you have any further questions about Kiva Friends please email, joe @ (this domain). If you have any questions about , please contact at

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