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Author Topic: Getting A Kiva Loan / Listed on Kiva  (Read 105595 times)
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« on: November 28, 2007, 12:12:39 PM »

Q: How do I get a Kiva loan?

A: Assuming you (or someone you know) is in one of the countries served by a Field Partner that Kiva works with, your best bet is to contact and/or visit their office to put in a request. Once you're listed on Kiva, you can post a link to your Kiva listing here on the forum. We'd also welcome you to share your experience with the entire process and update us on your business.

*****  NOTE: as of June 10, 2009, Kiva is partnering with Field Partners in the USA.  This item will be updated to reflect that information very soon.

Q: I'm located in a country that Kiva currently does not service (USA, Canada, etc). Can I still get a Kiva loan?

A: Kiva focuses on small loans to developing countries. Try the popular service, which also does "people to people" lending.

Q: Can I post a direct request for a loan here on Kiva Friends?

A: Nope. It'll be removed and you'll probably be banned.

Q: Can I send a private message to everyone on the forum and ask them to loan me money?

A: Nope. Doing so will probably get you banned.

Q: Can I hang in the chat room and ask chatters to loan me money?

A: Nope. You'll probably be banned.

Kiva Friends, if you were approached by private message or in the chat room, please make a note of the username or forward me the message for some swift action. You can use the "Report to Admin" link, which is located in the bottom right corner of all PMs.

If something questionable was posted on the forum, you can use the Report To Moderator link at the bottom right corner of that post to report it.
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