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Question: Does the KIVAFriends Forum have any impact on how much you have loaned through KIVA?
For Sure! if it were not for the ability to share my KIVA with others like me I probably wouldn't have funded as many loans.
No way! I would have loaned the same amount.

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Author Topic: KIVAFriends have any impact on how much you loan?  (Read 18720 times)
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« Reply To This #40 on: December 24, 2007, 02:40:27 AM »

I've only just recently found Kiva and have just 1 loan out at the moment. I voted no simply because my lending right now is what I can afford.
As to should they (Kiva) promote the friends a bit better I'd say yes to that as I kinda found it by accident should maybe be a bit more displayed.

I like reading the posts from other lenders and might decide to lend to a certain person from one of their posts, but I wouldn't lend any more then I could afford at the time. So I guess my answer would have to be on the no side permanatly.

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« Reply To This #41 on: January 04, 2008, 03:46:01 PM »


I voted yes but for different reasons than most I've read. Although I like getting on loans with other KF's, I'm more inclined to support a loan where no one has loaned that has either Kiva friends as text or a link under their picture. My theory is that when the other people on that loan goto the loan page they see me there with a link to Kiva friends. In my mind they may find out about KF for the first time and then come check it out. I have no way of knowing if anyone has actually come to Kiva Friends because of that but that's my theory.

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