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Author Topic: Borrowing ideas from other websites  (Read 2440 times)
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« on: May 05, 2008, 01:28:01 AM »

Ever heard of Idea Portal websites. They exist for people to post their ideas on many topics, so that others may benefit from them either financially or altruistically. A few of these type of websites have categories devoted to charity, social or community ideas. Maybe if I post some links to some of these websites, somebody might see an idea that although unrelated to Kiva could be adapted to help Kiva. I hope that if you think of anything, that you'll post it to the Forum here.

Global Ideas Bank -
Click on 'The Ideas Bank' tab at top of page and then choose your category

UnLtd Ideas Bank -

HalfBakery -
Click on categories like 'Charity', Charity - Small Change' etc., etc.

Ideawicket -
Click on 'Categories' tab at the top of page. Then maybe 'Miscellaneous' or 'Social'

Whynot -
Click on 'Communities' or 'Non Profit'

Creativity Pool -
Click on 'Society + Welfare' category to the left of the page

Thinkspotting -

IdeaBobber -
Click on category 'Charity' to the left of the web page

Cambrian House -
Do a search for 'Charity' in the Search box to the left of the page


Some people see life the way it is and ask, why? Others see life the way it could be and ask, why not! Guess which one I am.
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