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Question: When making a loan - what is the major thing that influences you?
Amount of Loan - 2 (2.7%)
Country of Entrepreneur - 11 (14.9%)
Type of Business - 16 (21.6%)
The Sex of the Borrower - 7 (9.5%)
Length of the Loan - 7 (9.5%)
The Photo Presentation - 4 (5.4%)
The Write-Up - 22 (29.7%)
The MFI  that is handling the Loan - 4 (5.4%)
Number of days until Loan expires - 0 (0%)
Whether it is a Group or Individual Loan - 1 (1.4%)
Total Voters: 73

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Author Topic: What Influences You The Most (Another Poll)  (Read 11129 times)
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Ibrahim and Karoline, Ghana, july 2009.

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« Reply To This #40 on: November 04, 2009, 07:53:16 PM »

The country the borrower is from.
I seem to lean towards borrowers from Africa and Pakistan/Afghanistan/Iraq/Palestine.

Of course I take other things into account as well though, like type of business, write-up and repayment term, but I don't really care about what MFI it is or their delinquency rate or if they have implemented currency risk or not.

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« Reply To This #41 on: November 04, 2009, 08:05:31 PM »

You can find lots of articles at the CGAP Microfinance Library, e.g., under Business Development Topics.

Industry Growth, Firm Size and the Business Environment
Sep 2008, Ayyagari, M. & Maksimovic, V.
Impact of an enabling environment on microenterprise growth

This paper examines the effect of firm dynamism factors, such as entry regulations and protection of property rights, on the growth of small firm-dominated industries. It analyzes cross-firm, cross-industry effects of the broad business environment on small firm growth. The paper also explores the possibility that industries composed of small firms grow faster than industries dominated by large firms in economies with well developed business environments..

The study uses a sample comprising twenty seven industries in the manufacturing sector from 100 countries. Findings include:

  • Effect of business environment on small firm dominated industries varies across country income groups;
  • Employment regulations and investor protection regulations matter the most in low-income countries;
  • Export and import related regulations are particularly important for middle-income countries;
  • No evidence of a disproportionate impact of the business environment on small firm dominated industries in high income countries.

The study results contribute to the policy debate on the importance of small firm growth for overall economic development. It highlights the need for removing growth constraints on small firm-dominated industries and the role that governments and aid institutions can plan in creating such an enabling environment.

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B. Right
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Veni Vidi Kiva

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« Reply To This #42 on: November 21, 2011, 05:35:46 PM »

If all else fails,

i'll just go for the coolest hairdo...

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