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Author Topic: Want to hear Kiva on a syndicated English public/commercial radio program?  (Read 3600 times)
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« on: September 06, 2007, 03:06:31 PM »

Dearest Lenders!

Here's your chance to submit your syndicated English language radio programs where you'd like to hear Kiva on.  By syndicated we mean radio programs that are aired in more than one state/province or even shows that are nationally covered.

When doing so, include the program name, website and if you know whether the radio program or the station you listen to has covered Kiva in the past.  Feel free to suggest a show theme, especially if other programs on the radio station/network have covered Kiva in the past.  If this will be the radio station/network's first exposure to Kiva, a "generic" show on Kiva (ie what is is, how to get involved, etc) will probably suffice. 

The specific radio program doesn't solely have to cover "global" or "humanitarian" issues.  For example, a radio cooking program might cover Kiva in regards to the charitable loans being made to food entrepreneurs around the world.  A morning talk show is a good suggestion as well.

Happy posting! 
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